debut of the 'thoughts on a plate' blog by Sandra van Riet

debut of the 'thoughts on a plate' blog by Sandra van Riet

Very honoured to go first !

I need to choose my words carefully, it will be just a few to embody my message.

Our society has created a lot of space for aimless and obsolete goods by wasting resources and energy, with a great effort to make people believe they would need them. As a potter, I consider myself one of the eternal makers. 

Being in control of the manufacturing process from the beginning to the end while making the tableware kōgei demands knowlegde, discipline and patience.

By making sense and taking responsibiltiy for the result, not wasting precious resources and creating sustainable pieces is the essence of craftsmanship.

Buy an item or unique piece which is handmade and adore it, use it always. It will be worth it and fill you with joy every time you use it, being glad that you made the right decision.

Try it ! It works ! This is how I create my work and it gives me pleasure to know the item will be treasured and used for many years when it leaves my studio. 

Thank you to Domenico too, for enabling me to say this to all of you guys.

Sandra van Riet

photo courtesy by Daan Loeff

Editor's note : the plate from this striking image is item fukuzara shironero from the kōgei collection by Sandra van Riet