When I held the first samples of kōgei my instant thought was to do 'something' big on the beach. Images of these bold and brilliant pieces against a dramatic and raw natural coastline kept coming back to me. 

The dark and vivid photographs we shot of kōgei at the beach in early February was a luminous experience. The shifting skies and the light on that morning as the sea washed across each piece led me in the direction of movement. We captured unique moments of expression and energy that I recognize in kōgei. These images made clear what was to follow. 

When I reached out to creative talents and explained my idea, the creation of my film became reality. The Japanese dance movement, būto, with its resistance to definition and fixity, inspired the fluidity and expression of the video shoot. But perhaps this film is best described by the director as 'a dancer's response to an emotion or internal experience expressed through movement' 

I hope you enjoy the film as much as I do - it is a homage to the art of craftsmanship and creativity in the kōgei pieces and that natural expression through form and movement.



This film was made possible by the immense collaborative talent, support and contributions of :

Emily Macrander

Ster Slijkhuis

Sandra van Riet

Daan Loeff

Sacha Grootveld

Alexandre Mota Kanji

Robin Macrander